Jaffe Cosmetic Eyelid Center

Mark R Jaffe, M.D., P.A.

Office: 214-276-0039

Fax: 469-484-4076



Our mission is to give our patients the ultimate in preoperative counseling, surgical care, and postoperative results. Dr. Jaffe’s years of training and experience enable him to have excellent surgical judgment and to carefully select surgical procedures for each particular patient. Dr. Jaffe strives to achieve aesthetically pleasing, natural looking results that make each patient look rejuvenated. These factors produce an overwhelming sense of proportion, balance and natural beauty. Our practice will never forget that serving our patients, fulfilling their needs, and maintaining their comfort will always come first.


We have our New Patient Information form available to download here. You can complete the form at your convenience and bring it with you on your first visit. This will help expedite your wait and reduce paperwork necessary when you come in.

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